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Author Carole Giangrande hosts WORDS TO GO, a showcase for up-and-coming writers, great reads and the spoken word. If you're a listener who'd love a few quiet moments with a story well told, join us. If you're reading something great, tell us why it grabs you -- and we'll tell the world!

The Podcasts

Welcome to our brand-new Fall season of WORDS TO GO, as Carole asks the question: Why write fiction, anyway? Don't worry -- there's plenty of new fiction (and poetry and humour!) in store, so stay tuned, dear listener. This episode features short fiction by Lola Lemire Tostevin plus capsule reviews of three knock'em-dead classic novellas plus info on how to submit your published work and your favourite book picks. If you'd like to come to one of Carole's readings, go to www.carolegiangrande.com for more info, and click on "Carole's Booktalk."

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